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Alicia and Ankit Make a Mark at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Eukaryotic mRNA Processing 2023!

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meetings have a rich legacy of fostering groundbreaking scientific discussions and the Eukaryotic mRNA Processing meeting this August was no exception. As a hub for the exchange of ideas and advances in mRNA splicing, polyadenylation, turnover, and so much more, this conference stands out as a beacon for those in the field of RNA biology. And this year, our lab was honored to have two of our brightest postdoctoral fellows, Ru-pin Alicia Chi and Ankit Gupta, representing us.

Ru-pin Alicia Chi: Turning Up the Heat on Posttranscriptional Responses

Alicia, selected for an oral presentation, took the stage to share her compelling research on the posttranscriptional response to heat shock. Anyone who's witnessed Alicia present knows her prowess. True to form, her presentation skills were outstanding, and her talk was exceptionally well received. The depth and relevance of her research coupled with her engaging style had the audience captivated from start to finish.

Ankit Gupta: Shining a Light on TUTs and Coronavirus Replication

Switching gears from the stage to the bustling poster sessions, Ankit Gupta made a significant impact with his presentation on the role of TUTs in the regulation of coronavirus replication. The relevance of his research in these challenging times caught the attention of many, leading to a particularly busy session for Ankit. A crowd constantly surrounded his poster, with attendees eager to learn more and engage in detailed discussions.

Awards, Acknowledgments, and Networking

Both Alicia and Ankit's journeys to the conference were supported by their NIH FARE awards, a testament to the significance and quality of their work. And now, with their presentations concluded, they have the well-deserved opportunity to soak in the rest of the conference, network with peers, and indulge in the social aspects that these gatherings are cherished for.

Ankit, in particular, found himself deeply inspired by the keynote presentation delivered by Alberto Kornblihtt. To top it off, he even had the privilege of conversing with Alberto during the poster session – an interaction that we're sure will be memorable for him.

A Celebration of Science and Dedication

Alicia and Ankit have not only showcased their exceptional research but have also epitomized the spirit of our lab. Their dedication, passion, and the recognition they've garnered at such a prestigious platform fortify our commitment to pushing the boundaries in RNA biology.

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