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Congratulations, Alicia, for winning the top poster prize at the 2024 NIEHS Science Day!

Today, Alicia won the top poster prize at the 2024 NIEHS Science Day, the first in-person NIEHS Science Day in two years! Alicia shared the top spot with seven other exceptional participants, including Ciro Amato and Yu-Ying Chen from Humphrey Yao's lab. Ankit also delivered an impressive poster presentation, generating significant interest throughout the institute. Witnessing various groups' diverse and outstanding work was refreshing and inspiring.

Alicia, Yu-Ying and other poster award winners

Additionally, a big shout-out to Virginia Savy for securing the NIEHS Fellow of the Year and the NIEHS Science Day Oral Presentation awards. Virginia's presentation, emphasizing the crucial role of calcium at the onset of fertilization, was both clear and compelling. However, the accolades didn't stop there for the Williams lab. Virginia, an exemplary fellow, benefits from the guidance of Carmen Williams, who received the NIEHS 2023 Mentor of the Year award today. The Williams lab's achievements are remarkable, and we are fortunate to have them as neighbors and friends.

The William's Lab

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