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Celebrating Five Years of Lab Achievements: Reflecting on Milestones and Looking Ahead

Last Friday, we gathered at Box Yard after work to celebrate the lab's fifth birthday! We were fortunate that everyone in the lab, along with their significant others, could make it. Reflecting on the past years, there are many things to celebrate: grants were approved, research manuscripts were accepted, and a review article and book chapter were published.

The team: From top right, Marcos, Alicia, Dongwon, Ankit, Marine, Morgan, Yin, Alex, Fabien and Mike

However, what we are most proud of is how far we have come as a group. The start of the lab was not without challenges. Just six months after opening our doors, the pandemic hit. Despite the inability to meet in person, our group persevered, maintaining enthusiasm and collaboration. We even joined the fight against COVID, publishing an article on viral RNA processing. Recently, as the lab continues to grow, every new member—regardless of age, nationality, or experience—has become a cherished part of our team.

We recognize that the road ahead won't be easy, but we are confident that together as a team, we will make significant strides in the fields of RNA biology and reproduction. Special thanks are due to all current and past lab members, our RDBL department, NIEHS, NIH, and everyone else who has supported and believed in us from the beginning.

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