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Celebrating New Horizons at Our RNA and Reproductive Biology Laboratory

Upper row: Elise Van Zele, Marcos Morgan, Ankit Gupta, Dongwon Lee. Lower row: Ru-pin Alicia Chi, Marine Baptissart, and Yin Li

Entering its fourth year, our esteemed RNA and Reproductive Biology Laboratory recently expanded its scientific family with some exciting additions. Pictured in our latest group photo, you'll spot our fresh faces ready to shape the future of RNA biology.

Elise and Ankit in the lab.

Among the newcomers is Elise Van Zele, an undergraduate student from NC State. With her passion for RNA biology and genetics, Elise joins us for the summer, honing her skills under the expert tutelage of Ankit Gupta. We eagerly anticipate the insightful contributions she'll bring to our team.

Dongwon Lee

Moreover, we're thrilled to welcome back Dongwon Lee as he embarks on a two-year post-bac program following the successful completion of his scholar's connect program. Dongwon will collaborate closely with Ru-pin (Alicia) Chi, exploring uncharted territories of RNA and reproduction.

Finally, we're excited to announce that we have a postdoc position available! We encourage all eligible candidates to join us in our journey of scientific discovery. Together, let's shape the future of reproductive biology.

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