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Congratulations, Alicia and Ankit, for winning the FARE award!

Ankit Gupta and Ru-Pin Alicia Chi received the prestigious Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE)! Yesterday the NIH FARE award committee announced the winners for the year 2023, and we were pleased to know that two lab members have been honored with the prize. This is the first year someone from our group has received the award. In addition to the recognition, the awardees receive $1500 for traveling and training. The award is given yearly to intramural postdocs based on research abstracts they send to the FARE award committee.

Ankit and Alicia after receiving the award

Ankit is currently working on RNA processing of coronavirus; Alicia is investigating mechanisms of post-transcriptional control in the gonads. We want to thank NIH for its recognition and support. NIH postdoc can submit an abstract for next year's award following the instructions in the link ( The deadline for submission is usually the beginning of March. We hope you meet Ankit and Alicia in 2023 at an international conference or workshop!

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