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Eric Miska's visit

Eric Miska crossed the pond to give an NIEHS distinguished Lecture earlier in May. We were delighted to host Eric in person for a couple of days at the Research Triangle of North Carolina. We have always been inspired by his work on RNA biology and our shared passion for the TUTases. It has been Eric's first international travel since the beginning of the pandemic, and it has been the first time for us hosting a hybrid seminar. If the seminar went smoothly was thanks to the excellent technical support from Nathan Mitchiner and team. The lecture has been outstanding, with great insights into viral RNA processing. It has also been very gratifying to learn about translational research advances in the field of RNA biology. Eric has recently become head of the department of biochemistry of Cambridge University; I am looking forward to this new era in the prestigious department history. We want to thank Eric and everyone who made Eric's visit a success. For those who could not make it to the seminar or want to watch it again, please find the link below.

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