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RDBL Summer Seminar Series Kicks Off: Congrats Ankit and Marine for your outstanding presentations!

After three long years of virtual seminars, the Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory (RDBL) at NIEHS is excited to announce the return of our in-person summer seminar series. This much-anticipated event offers postdocs the opportunity to engage with their peers, share their findings, and gain valuable feedback on their work. The series commenced with presentations from Marine Baptissart and Ankit Gupta, two esteemed members of our lab.

Both Marine and Ankit have been instrumental in advancing research in their respective fields, and their presentations served as an excellent launch for the RDBL seminar series. Ankit Gupta presented his recently published work on the role of TUT4/7 in coronavirus replication. Ankit's findings provide a foundation for future research that could potentially lead to innovative treatments and preventative measures against coronavirus.

Marine Baptissart took the stage next, showcasing her latest results, which are ready to be submitted as part of the revised version of her manuscript. Marine's work is highly anticipated and demonstrates her commitment to excellence in research. While details of her presentation will be disclosed once her manuscript is published, we are confident that her findings will have a significant impact on post-transcriptional regulation stem cell differentiation.

The RDBL seminar series attracted a large audience eager to learn from and engage with our fellows. The attendees posed thought-provoking questions, sparking lively discussions that contributed to the reassessment of our research. This type of interaction is essential for fostering innovation and ensuring that our work remains relevant and valuable.

As the RDBL seminar series continues, we look forward to showcasing more groundbreaking research from our talented team of scientists. The return to in-person seminars has already proven to be an invaluable opportunity for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and growth. We are confident that this series will continue to foster a thriving research community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge.

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